About Us

In the Information Content division at SourceMedia Group,  journalists, who used to work only for The Gazette or KCRG-TV9, now work on one team and provide content for all SourceMedia Group platforms. SourceMedia (formerly called Gazette Communications) is the company that owns TV9, The Gazette, TheGazette.com and KCRG.com.

Today, journalists file tidbits as they discover them to a number of topical websites (see the links below).

The purposes of these topical websites

  1. As they discover news our journalists file tidbits so their audiences can keep up in near real-time with what’s going on.
  2. We want to hear from you. Do your kids go to a local school? Are you a business person? Do you like to hunt? Do you like taking pictures at your high school’s sporting events? We have communities for all of these interests. You can sign up, sign in and submit your own tidbits of information while  discussing the community’s issues right on our site.

Here’s a list of the sites with contact information

  • Eastern Iowa News Now – We file breaking news that fits into the public safety, courts areas here. Anything else that is traditional breaking news along those lines and doesn’t fit on another topical site fits here. Disasters (flooding, tornadoes, etc.,) goes here, too. (E-mail us)
  • Eastern Iowa Schools – Anything related to preschool-high school education goes here. (E-mail us)
  • Business380 – Business news from around Eastern Iowa. This includes consumer-related items and news from businesses. (E-mail us)
  • Iowa Prep Sports - High school sports – big and small. (E-mail us)
  • Eastern Iowa Outdoors – Hunting, fishing, canoeing, etc. (E-mail us)
  • Eastern Iowa Sports and Rec – All kind of sports, including hockey, auto racing, and so on. (E-mail us)
  • Eastern Iowa Life – General living/quality of life news that doesn’t fit on any of the other sites. This includes entertainment, gardening and anything else that relates to living in Eastern Iowa. (E-mail us)
  • Eastern Iowa Government – Cedar Rapids and Iowa City council news, board of supervisors, items from the statehouse. (E-mail us)
  • Iowa Higher Education – Anything related to higher education is discussed here.(E-mail us)
  • Eastern Iowa Health – All things related to health including: 1) How to become or stay healthy, 2) The business of health – and its costs in Eastern Iowa.3) How national trends and treatments affect Iowans. (E-mail us)
  • Weather in Eastern Iowa -  This site will include basic watch and warning information, but it’s main purpose is allow you to share your weather conditions with us.  We need to know your highs, lows, rainfall and snowfall totals, storm reports and so does the world.  It’s what people look for during and after the storm.(E-mail us)
  • IowaCaucus.com - Are you a political junkie in Iowa or someone who has an interest in presidential politics and the role the Iowa Caucus plays? Do you have a favorite candidate in the field for 2012 with photos and information you want to share? If any of the above is true or if there are others reason that get you excited about the Iowa Caucus, we want to hear from you. We want to create a place where you can be informed and engage with others.(E-mail us)
  • SourceMedia Group Training – This page is intended to help you navigate through the ever-changing media world. We’ll try to answer questions and explain things as they relate to the SourceMedia Group topical sites network here.

To sign up to contribute click here to drop me an e-mail.

I hope to hear from you,

Christoph Trappe
SourceMedia Group